The Importance of Video Testimonials in Business

Testimonials play a crucial role in the success of the business. ‘Happy Clients’ & their appreciating words across the website is considered to be the best assets that determine the growth of your business. Thus, capturing the customer’s experience and posting it on the website cannot only strengthen the reputation of your website but also add a trust & reliability factor to your brand.

Over the few years, we have seen that video testimonials/ reviews have become the popular practice among marketers. Nowadays, a video has become most of the most reliable way to influence the consumer behavior of the customers.

According to Tubular Insights “ The number of people watching videos online only continues to grow, with video predicted to make up to 80% of all global traffic by 2019.” 

Business Review/Testimonials videos are more impactful and ensure numerous benefits to your business & brand as well. Here, we will cover a few noticeable benefits of video testimonials:

  1. Boost Brand Exposure

    Brand visibility either achieved through the website or social media, it is the most indispensable factor for the survival & growth of the business. Testimonial Videos will not only bring credibility to your brand but also connect customers to the brand effortlessly. Thus, Video Testimonial helps improve brand reputation across both the website & social networking sites.

  2. Augment Trust & Credibility

    Video testimonials are the great way to flaunt the business proficiency in an engaging way that it engages your customers or visitors to your brand. Testimonial videos are away from the scripted version that is completely sugar coated and fake. It showcases honest feedback of the customers towards the business and boosts the trust & credibility of the brand. Along with this, it also improves your brand’s exposure online.

  3. Serves Emotional Connection

    Many companies do lots of efforts to develop an emotional connection between them and their customers. Tracking the real customer experience through the written testimonials is quite a tough thing, this may not connect visitors to your brand. Why? Because written testimonials are lack of emotions. Testimonials in the form of video are not only added authenticity to your brand but also serve your customers with the medium to connect themselves with your brand emotionally.

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