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What our Customers are saying…
  • Unlike Anything I've Ever Seen!

    We were one of the first beta testers for this and I can't oversell how easy the platform was to use. Having a famous celebrity presenting real customer reviews of our store creates a buzz and has been great for our foot traffic. This service is unlike anything I've ever seen and couldn't recommend it enough.

    Richard Kiibler - 305 Design Center, Miami FL
  • This Marketing Tool Was a Home Run for Us, Like Winning the Big Race.

    I never thought we could have such a well-known celebrity pitch our business at this price point. We were able to create an incredible buzz for our local business. The fact that it was so easy to setup and then one click to publish the videos to our social media was incredible.!

    Clive De Sousa - Glory Cycles, Greenville SC